Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UPS is redeemed!

So I finally received my Anthropologie purchases via the United Parcel Service (previously referred to as the United Postal Service erroneously) over the weekend! I was incredibly excited to delight in my new things (although they just need to be new to me, I love thrifty purchases as well) and couldn't wait to try them on. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved my coat purchase. As you know, I was fairly wary about it, however I loved the fit and the neckline was a pleasant design twist.

The script actually slightly flipped. I didn't think I would love the coat, yet I was certain I would love my sweater. Wrong!

Now, I like the sweater, yet I also feel like it adds bulk to my waistline. I'm not sure that I need that. I'm actually considering returning it! I'm going to wait to the end of the week, think about it, but honestly this will most likely be going back.

In other important news, the OOTD. Today I have a meeting with a professor, in attempts to get a letter of recommendation, so I must look professional, studious, and just the right amount of geeky. I tried on numerous outfits, yet I couldn't find one that seemed to work. Perhaps part of this was the knowledge that after the meeting all I would be doing is handing out medications, washing dishes, making meals, you know the life of a fostercare provider.

I thought about cleaning up the area in the view of the camera and then I thought, no, don't be afraid to show your true self. The one that never makes the bed unless I've invited company over.

Dress: Old school express (seriously I think I was 16)
Cardigan: Express
Belt: Unknown


  1. glad that you got it and everything looks beautiful:) I love that coat
    Kisses, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

  2. I think your facial expression says it all - keep the coat and return the sweater!!! I think you could make the sweater work, but it may be better to spend the money on something you really love.

    How many foster kids do you have? Good for you staying true to yourself and showing off that un-made bed:)

    ps - love the red belt!

  3. Kristin-My fostercare is actually for adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness. We currently have three residents, one with borderline personality disorder, one with autism, and one with downs syndrome.

  4. LOVE! that coat. and your "geeky-professional" outfit looks great! It screams "give me a recommendation. stat!" :)

  5. I adore that coat. I'm always so happy when something fits. And there's that red belt again! love how it adds a pop of color to your outfit. Your OOTD is very J.Crew-esque and very professional. I'd hire you in a heartbeat!

  6. Wow, your foster care work sounds interesting. I work in mental health (outpatient setting), so I can imagine how challenging it is (especially the personality d/o). Happy Friday!