About Me

Some fast facts about Stephanie

1. I am a 25 year old who is meandering my way through life. 

2. I own a small business (with my mother) that is home and human based.

3. I hope to go to grad school in the fall, then again, who knows what I'll do?

4. I started this blog as a way to renew my love of fashion. I actually get dressed each day for my readers, you motivate me!

5. I say I love J.Crew, but when reflecting on my wardrobe I only own 4 items from that store.

6. As you can see from the header, I sometimes talk about myself in the third person. 

7. My initials are SMS -just to explain the picture.

8. Traveling makes my world go round.

9. I, guiltily, love most of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo.

10. In the past three to four years I've lost 85lbs. I'm hoping to make that 110lbs (it's not about the weight, its about the high blood pressure).