Friday, February 4, 2011

First Post Ever

This is my first post, so bear with me as I acclimate to the new world of blogging! My goals with this blog are to share my love of fashion, but also to refine my styles and hopefully become a better fashionista! My love of one store, Anthropologie was started at the tender age of 16 when my mother (one of my many fashion icons) introduced to a store she thought I may like (try love). Now, nearly a decade later my love still persists. It has spread to include other stores, but none have captured my heart like Anthro. I hope you join me in my ever evolving search for style and help me refine my style sense!

This picture is of a recent trip to Rome (no these don't occur often but I needed a picture and this was the best available-I've recently been on a camera hiatus that will tomorrow!) when I wore Anthro every day!

Dress: Anthropologie Sunray Medallion Dress
Sweater: INC international concepts
Purse: Vintage Coach

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  1. Yay, welcome to the blogging world :) Anthro has a firm hold on my heart (and wallet) too. And how awesome that you went all-Anthro on your European vacation; I did something similar last year! Anyway, can't wait to read more from you!