Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dark Swan

I've been missing in action for far too long!
I went on a mini vacation this weekend, to visit some friends I've been missing.
I had a blast but came home sick. 
I swear I have the immune system of a frail 99 year old.
I get sick often and you'd think that would make me somehow better at it. 
Perhaps I can function normally although ill.
If that's what you'd assume I can assure you that you'd be wrong.
I feel quite sorry for myself when I'm ill.
I barely dragged myself out of bed today to give afternoon meds to my clients.
I've been chugging Robitussin, and making playlists of good wallowing music. 
So far I have alot of Nick Cave's murder ballads, and some CocoRosie, just to mix it up a little.
As you may have already quessed I'm currently in my p.j.'s. So I though I'd share an outfit from last week that I hadn't shared with you yet. I like to call it my dark swan look (although I've never seen the movie).

Pants: Anthropologie Cadre Noir Leggings (they are thick like skinny jeans)

 Twirling like the little ballerina I am.
Top and Sweater: Express

Shoes: Simple Vera ( I adore these shoes)

 Random super old (we are talking high school guys) bracelet.

So now it's back to the grind. I have to do some work on a research project I'm on, and on Thursday we get to test on people! (well pilot test, but it's almost there) I can't wait (so I better be better by then).


  1. i love this shirt! get well soon!!!

  2. I love those shoes - they go so perfectly with the rest of the outfit and the strappy details are great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I love your dark swan look! That top is so pretty.

    Feel better soon and good luck with the project:)

  4. Those shoes are fantastic! I'm sorry you're sick...I'll ask my 99 year old grandma for some health tips to share with you.

  5. This is a Great look ! Those shoes Rock !

  6. That shirt is really cute. Feel better soon!

  7. Great shoes. I never get sick. Knock on wood!

  8. Hmmm, I would have to guess that our latest snowstorm isn't helping matters, either? My allergies have been crazy lately, ick! Those leggings are great, I like the thick ones for our cold MN winters :)

  9. gorgeous! holy moley, i love that pink top! it's sooooooo full of delicate flounce and prettiness. I hope you get better soon. Whenever the seasons change I get super sick... and I cannot afford for that to happen this time!

  10. That is such a sweet outfit. The top is totally cute, darling
    Happy Saturday.

  11. I have never seen Dark Swan either but I want to. Love the top, it looks great on you!