Monday, February 7, 2011

So today I had big plans. I had a fun outfit planned, plus was going to work on going from underemployed to simply employed! However the immune system gods were not working in my favor, and I woke up with a serious cold. I have been fending it off for almost a week but after all the excitement of the Superbowl ( my favorite won! Go Packers!) I guess I went from fending it off to having it. I woke up early and felt horrible so I went scrounging for some cold medicine. I found some and took it, however in the back of my mind something just didn't feel right. I feel back asleep, hoping to sleep away the cold and when I woke up again it was 11. I thought ok, time to get the day started. I got up made some coffee and couldn't shake the sleepy feeling, I felt sorta drugged! I made coffee, and took a look at my cold medicine

That's right it says night time. I took night time cold medicine at 8 in the morning! No wonder I felt drugged! Do they put sleeping medicine in there or something?

Well, I've slept it off now and thought I would share the veggie tray I made for the superbowl. I'm a vegetarian, so I often get nominated to bring a veggie tray and love having fun with it.

I needed a tray that traveled so I just used an old brownie/bar travel pan and started piling on the veggies! I tried out a new dip mix (located in the bell pepper) and found it even more delicious than my original (cabbage) mix!

Although my plans for today were foiled I have a feeling after all the sleep I got today my cold will not be rearing its ugly head tomorrow. Further if it does, my cold medicine will not be the same!

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  1. Oh I have the cold as well.. I know how horrible it is! :( Get well soon!!!

    P.S: I'm having a cool designer dress giveaway... interested? ;)