Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

Some say that Valentines day is a Hallmark holiday, however I beg to differ. Valentine's day can be traced back to the days of the Chaucer (some may say Rome, but please don't believe it-they celebrated sacrifice and hitting women to increase fertility February 13-15, not kidding at all, super happy I didn't live then).

                     "For this was on seynt Volantynys day                                    
                 Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make."          

For this was sent Valentine's day
When every bird comes here to choose his mate
-Chaucer (found in Parlement of Foules)

I recently read Canterbury Tales, which inspired me to read more of his works. When I ran across this, I delighted in the knowledge I could legitimately consider Valentine's Day a historical holiday.

Plus, who wants to pass up an opportunity to celebrate your relationship? Aaron and I celebrated early, as Monday is a work day. We went out and lingered over dinner, then went home and watched a movie, Kick-Ass. We had planned to go to a local bar that features live music, mainly piano/vocals, very low key, however made a last minute decision to stay in.

Although this day is more about the celebration of love, presents are always nice as well. This year, for the first time, we got each other really nice gifts. Christmas wasn't hit hard, so we felt Valentines gifts would be nice. He got me flowers, chocolate, Anthopologie, and pearls (I got him dinner and a Minnesota Wild jersey). Clearly this man knows me well (although I think I may be returning one of the Anthro purchases, it makes me look linebacker-ish).

 In other important news, the OOTD.

Top: Anthropologie Three Rivers
Skirt: Gap
Belt: unknown leather
Tights: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Style & Co

I thought I would take a picture outside today as the weather seems to be improving! We actually had temperatures above freezing (41 degrees!) so I braved the cold. I didn't want to go all out in valentines colors so I just added a punch of red. I wish you all a happy Valentine's day!


  1. Wow, what a thoughtful guy you have! What other anthro goodies did you get?

  2. Aw, you and your man are so sweet! My BF and I don't really celebrate, but he made me dinner last night and I gave him a tiny candy heart. That's about all the v-day-ness we need!

  3. Happy V Day to to you as well :) I enjoyed reading that bit about Chaucer. And Anthro for your valentine gift? What a lucky duck you are.
    And the red belt does complete your cute outfit!
    And don't be alarmed by the old man pic, it's just Lisa from CofaCCGal

  4. What a sweet guy you have. Love the Anthro top... very cute! Happy Valentines Day, Cutie! xo

  5. this is so funny coz my colleagues and i were just talking about valentine's day and chaucer earlier today! happy heart day! and i love that anthro top, tooooo cute!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Your outfit is perfect, not too valentine-y. And I might just be onto something with my Randomize the Records game hey?