Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sale please?

I've been lusting over the D'armee Dress ever since I saw the British Anthropologiest in it (Here), she looks so good how could I not? However as a babe on a budget I can't afford it full price! So this is my plea, Anthro please have it on sale this week, PLEASE!

Turns out that picture taking isn't for the faint of heart. I waited what seems like all day for someone to show up at home-I mean 5 people live here and they were ALL gone today! Finally someone gets home and then I realize the plethora of other issues. I don't have a good place to take photos and I don't have a great photographer (not that I'm one to talk I really did fail a photography class in high school). So I promise photos will get better as this blog progresses. 

In other news OOTD, a casual look for a casual day! I don't know about you guys but I am an avid football fan as well as a fashion fan, so my day will be spent preparing for the Superbowl showdown tomorrow night. I know we are supposed to be arch rivals yet I can't help but root for the Green Bay Packers!

Top: Anthropologie Blushing Avian Blouse
Tank: Grane (similar here)
Jeans: American Eagle Artist (buy here)
Shoes: Gibbson Taupe by Mudd (buy for 4.99 here)
Earrings: Gift from a good friend and reader Julie


  1. I can't believe the D'Armee has been around since August and is still not on sale. Anthropologie can be such a cruel mistress sometimes. I'll cross my fingers for you that it gets marked down soon though!

    Love how you paired the pink at the shoulders of the Blushing Avian with a pink tank underneath, and then finished off with pearls -- even though you wore jeans, this is still such a sweet, romantic and polished look :)

  2. Thank you so much! I was questioning the pearls but decided it completed the look and you confirmed it! You've also helped me make my decision on the j.crew sweater-I don't think its meant to be!

  3. love the outfit! the colors look great and your hair looks adorable, you should do some romantic curls though with this look.
    anyway go to this website they are having a major sale right now

    also side this website gives awesome tutorials on applying makeup