Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle little dress...


I decided to try my hand at winterizing a summer dress today. I wanted to do a layered look, like Anjali from goldenmeans (here). It's my first attempt at one, so no hating! I knew what dress I wanted to try this with, the In A Twinkling dress by Anthropologie. I almost had to put out an amber alert because I couldn't find it this morning! Not to worry-I just didn't look hard enough in my winter closet (guess I was thinking ahead during the fall).

Dress: Anthropologie In A Twinkling
Turtleneck: Super old Maurices
Belt: JcPenny
Tights: Betsy Johnson
Necklace: Bead place on a vacation
Boots: Jackson by relativity

My hair does look janky. Reminiscent of me at age 13. I had just started washing my hair when the cold started to seep into the water. Thats right in the shampoo phase! I made a decision to exit the shower when the bone chilling water hit-that means I missed the conditioner phase. It is what it is I guess!


  1. What a cute outfit! I wish I could put more summer pieces to use in winter, but I am not good at using clothes in new outfits!

  2. That is such a brilliant combination and the outfit looks beautiful:) Kisses and hugs

  3. it works! and to answer your question, yes the belt is still in stores. i got it in Urban Outfitters over the weekend! and my lovely face says, thanks for the sweet comment :)

  4. I love the pop of red with the outfit - I think this outfit totlly works!

  5. Hi there, I just stopping by to say HI, hope you have a lovely day :))/Marie (welcome to my site as well)

  6. LOVE those boots! xo

  7. Nice! I like the layers and that pretty red necklace is perfect:)