Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter blues

I am in the midst of a crisis. I have a case of the winter blahs. I get at least one case per year, normally after the new year. Every year I suffer from the same misconception, the coming of January is equal to the end of winter. This, in Minnesota, can not be further from the truth. Winter starts in October and has no guarantee of ending until May (until then the average temperatures stay below 50). My delusions have caught up to me. Instead of indulging myself in a gallon of hot cocoa, I have decided to resist the urge to wallow. I will conquer my winter blahs. My fool-proof plan consists of the following:

1. Plan a tropical getaway (and forget that I won't be going on it)
2. Focus on fixing some serious design issues in my home.
3. Start working out (my gym is opening the second week of March)
4. Steal my Mother's socks. She has tons of smartwool socks, the best for these wintry times.
5. Start to break out more of my summer clothes and integrate them into my winter wardrobe.

How can I fail with such a well laid plan?

In attempts to prevail against the winter blues, I have already started to implement the program. I started with #5 and, by the end of the day, I hope to accomplish #4.  

I know, I know, I wore this skirt last week. All I can say is that I really love new purchases.

Top: Anthropologie (unknown name and brand, the tag has a heart on it)
Skirt: Anthropologie field skirt
Necklace: Thrifted
Shoes: Gibbson Taupe by Mudd
Tights: Calvin Klein (I added them before I had to face the tundra)

P.S.-I just realized that I look a little Vanna Whitish, displaying my thermostat!


  1. okay so lady first off, you look adorable, second check out my blog, third OMG get your phone working...:)

  2. You are SO CUTE! And I LOLed at you displaying your thermostat on accident. I hope you get over those winter blahs soon, though I can see why you're in it -- freezing weather until MAY? Ugh!!

    Also, smartwool socks are amazing.

  3. What an adorable look! I was like...I love the shoes then I noticed your tattoo. Too cool! Is it a butterfly?

    Anyway, I know the feeling. I had to move away from Wisconsin. I just couldn't take it anymore. There aren't any seasons! lol

  4. Mandaruth-I may have my phone working within the week, until then I will be at the fostercare-stalk me.

    Amy Kelinda-I agree, smartwool rocks my world, and thank you for the nice compliment!

    Corie-It is a butterfly, it accompanies the rose on my other foot. I would get ten hundred more if I thought it was appropriate, I love tattoos! Thank you for liking it though!

  5. What a cutie you are! Love the outfit (and the flowers)!!! My favorite part is the shoes:)

    I like your plan, although a gallon of hot cocoa sounds pretty good too!

  6. Maves,you are gorgeous! Oh you look so glowing in your picture, I cannot believe you are in a "crisis." I think you want me to envy you :) I can't believe that you dye your hair brown! I have always wanted blonde hair, but can't pull it off. You look so gorgeous as a brunette tho!

    Those shoes are darling. I love buttons on round-toe shoes.

  7. Ohhh Im sorry about your winter blues...I really like your plan and you look adorable in that skirt:) Hope you will have a lovely afternoon

  8. Ah yes, good old (neverending) Minnesota winters... I too am feeling those winter blahs. I like your fool proof plan to get through it. Great ideas! And yes, Smartwools are key! I wear them almost everyday from November to March.
    ps. Just found your blog, love finding other local bloggers!