Friday, February 18, 2011

Reviews: Anthropologie and H & M

Yesterday I did some heavy shopping. Not the kind where you bring much home with you, the kind where you try things on, love them, and put them back.  

I started at Anthropologie.
Shirt the Issue Dress (Available for 59.95 here) by Maple.
I love, love, love this dress. If I thought it would be appropriate I would add ten more loves to that sentence. The pattern consists of tiny maroon and purple flowers amid silver vines, set on a black backdrop. The straps are attached with silver buttons, the straps turn into a collar. I forgot to take a picture of the back, so I've included the product picture. It's a unique back, almost like a racerback, that zips and has a hook and eye clasp at the top. This dress was reviewed to be very tight on top, however I found it to be just right, and I have a large ribcage, this is a size 12, but I went home with the 14, to give me some room up top.  I paired it with the soft bow belt, (available here for 14.99) which is hard to see in this picture. I loved the belt and was super excited to find the last large in store!

Did this dress come home with me? Yes sir, as did the belt.
When I got home I tried out a polyvore styling of the outfit.
Shirt the issue dress 

 I have the shoes, belt, and sweater (will be taking the belt off the sweater instead using the bow belt). The leather jacket is not owned, and never will be, as a vegetarian I can look, but not own, that much leather (I do have leather shoes, I just draw the line there), but a girl can dream, right? Very similar earrings can easily be found. I'm excited for it to be warm enough to wear this!

 D'armee Dress (available here for 138.00) by Parameter
This is a dress I have been lusting over for some time. Suprisingly I didn't LOVE it when I had it on, which is why I prefer store visits to strictly online shopping. This was very military-esque, as described in the Anthro details. The zipper and other details are bronze. This dress has pockets, a huge plus. I tried on the navy version, however it is available in khaki and charcoal as well. I tried on the 12 but wish there would have been a 14 to compare it to. Over the ribcage the dress had a sheen, so I think it was too tight. I paired it with the all hours belt (available here for 32.00). I really love this belt, this was a small, so the belt is certainly stretchy and quite roomy.

Unless this dress goes on a major sale I think this will be a pass for me. It just wasn't overly exciting, and for me, certainly not worth the 138.00 price tag.

Palla Tunic (available here for 68.00)
I tried this on with the field skirt, currently sold out online. This is a large, certainly roomy, I could have easily sized down to a medium. I tried on the ivory, however it's also available in dark grey.  On the gathered side, the sleeve hole is very large. A camisole would definitely be needed if you don't want a bra or side boob incident, plus it's fairly see through. I belted this my own belt.  I don't know why but I have a strange fascination with this top. I wouldn't purchase it for 68.00 but it is wishlisted and if it goes on sale I will snatch it up.

My camera wasn't working as I thought it should and I ended up snapping a crazy looking photo of myself. That would be the top half of my irritated look.

Switching gears I'll turn to H & M. I love this store and was so excited when they went into the Mall of America. It's the only one for miles!

I tried on a chiffon dress (available here for 14.99) along with a sweater that isn't carried online. The sweater was 29.99. I accidentally grabbed a size 8 in the dress, and it still fit fine, so it is considerably roomy. I would recommend sizing down, depending on the fit you want. The dress has a light blue and tan pattern reminiscent of the seventies. I think my mom probably had this dress back in the day! Nonetheless I love this pair. I ended up not purchasing either, something I really regret after looking at the pictures. I'll be heading back to the mall next week and I think I will end up picking both these pieces up.

I'm not exactly sure why the pictures from H & M ended up on a weird angle, but they did, so enjoy! I think that I would pair this with a pair of boho-chic sandals.

I paired the same sweater with a skirt for 14.99 (available here). When I read the online description for the skirt I realized I tried it on backwards. The buttons are supposed to be marching down the back of the dress. If I purchased this I wouldn't wear the buttons in the back, I think sitting would be uncomfortable! The skirt has little purple hearts all over it and a wide tie to belt it with.  I wasn't a fan of this look, however one of my friends loved this on me, so I included it here.

That about wraps up this edition of Stephanie's reviews! Go forth and prosper my friends! Have a happy weekend.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the Shirt the Issue Dress on you! It is very flattering and the colors are great. I also really like the D'Armee Dress on you - especially with the red belt (although I hear you about the high price tag and if it's not love for you, you should pass)! It looks like a fun day of shopping!

  2. thanks for these lovely crop of reviews, i ADORE the Shirt the Issue Dress on you! It looks like it's made for you. I'm thinking of getting it myself but worry about the back. I'm not really a fan of strapless bras so I'd always have to wear a cari with it. But the price point is really good. hmmm, you've got me thinking . . .

  3. Aww..I love all those outfits, especially that first dress:) You look so amazing in it:) happy Sunday, darling

  4. You live close enough to call the Mall of America you local mal?! Holy shopping mecca! I've only been there once but I remember my eyes crossing and my ankles giving out over all the options!

    You look great in the shirt the issue dress - I had been lusting after that piece myself, but alas I don't have the cleavage to pull it off!

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    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the shirt the issue dress on you. It looks great! I know what you mean about the d'armee dress though. I tried it on and felt completely meh about it. That being said, the red belt makes a big difference and I like how it looks on you!