Monday, March 7, 2011

Vacation Planning

Today as the snow was softly falling into fluffy, flaky, freezing piles I decided to plan a vacation. On this imaginary vacation I decided to go to one of my all time favorite places, Greece. 

I mean, look at the Ionian Sea. How amazingly blue are the waters? 

Then, there is the caldera, and the blue topped churches of Santorini. 

Did I mention all the random dogs as well?

Greece is full of amazing people, one of the friendliest I've found. Plus they have a rich, well preserved history. 

I mean they have the Parthenon

The Old Temple of Athena

The Athena Pronaia Santuary

and amazing sunsets. 
They also have a Mediterranean temperature. 
Until then I will be here, shoveling my way through the day.

Making crazy snow creatures


  1. What a fun exercise for a chilly winter day, luckily spring is near and soon enough we'll be wishing for a cozy sweater and cup of cocoa all over again!

  2. hahaha! what is that snow creature? It's like a kangarooant... :) and oh gollies, I used to hate hot climates, but I'm really really REALLY wanting to go on a vacation!

  3. What beautiful pictures! Looks like an awesome vacation!

    Love your cute little snow creature:)

  4. Ohhhh, I wanna go to Greece too! Take me w. you on your imaginary vacation. And I can lug around my 3 pooches too and they can show up randomly in our pics.
    And you look super cute and warm =)

  5. Awww..I would love to be in Greece right now too and the water looks so beautiful:) Btw: love your snow creature:) hahah
    Have a dreamy Tuesday, sweetie

  6. I'd love to be anywhere without snow right now.

  7. FallonRoxann-It was good exercise! I do start to long for sweater days in the end of August, I think sweaters are my favorite part of my closet!

    Laura-I called it a jackalope, but a kangarooant is a pretty good description as well!

    Kristen-It was an amazing vacation, when the winter has me down I look at them and dream of warmer days. Thanks!

    Lisa- We shall go together! (and your pooches too)


  8. Rebecca-right? I'm getting a little sick of it. Plus we have a snowstorm scheduled today, according to the weather man, it just snowed two days ago! It feels like it may never end.

  9. can i hide in your suitcase, please???

  10. Oh wow, gorgeous photos! I was in Greece like 10 years and was amazed by how beautiful the landscape was.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. That is a crazy snow creature- Beautiful photos- I loved Greece- need to plan a trip to take my monkeys there someday!