Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Procrastination Nation

Today I procrastinated in the getting dressed arena. Due to this, my outfit is a little crazy. 
I'm a fantastic procrastinator. If you could get a job as a procrastinator I would be hired in an instant, promoted to head procrastinator. I had a meeting at 11, and started getting dressed at 10:55. I live incredibly close to campus so I wasn't worried about getting there on time (also my group members are often late as well). I postpone things all the time. In fact I currently should be getting ready for a Minnesota Wild game. Am I? No. I'm writing a post instead. I have priorities, you know? 

I was about to fall off that slippery little bench, it can be treacherous when you lack athletic grace.

Sweater: New York and Co
Dress: Target (ok it's my nightgown)
Pants: Anthropologie Cadre Noir Leggings
Shoes: a.n.a.
Coat: Collection by Gallery
Scarf: Anthropologie Floral Jumble Scarf


  1. Woman, you're wearing a nightgown? AWESOME! I love it! :)And you're gonna have some fierce competition when it comes to that ideal job you have there. I may just go ape-crazy and fight you for it. Maybe tomorrow. Promise.

  2. Hahha...you are so adorable and those photos are cute. Have a fantastic day, sweetie

  3. Lol. "...it can be treacherous when you lack athletic grace" made me laugh. Great outfit! And I love that second photo. You look like such a fun-loving person and so happy in that one! :) Following your blog girl :)

  4. I love the fun pictures, but be careful! It looks a little dangerous:) Cute outfit - I love the scarf!

  5. I'm usually pretty good in the morning - until I get to my closet - and then time stops. Or my forward progression stops. And if I had time to wear something fun for the weekend or an event - forget about it, I have to plan in my time, argh!

  6. Ha these photos are way too super fun Miss Maven ;) As is your polka dot skirt!

  7. Like some one said, procastinate in public, then you can't further postpone it :-)

  8. I am also a terrible procrastinator - I need to get out of the habit!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. lol, that does not look like a night gown. Wish I could've joined you on the bench. And I will join as Secretary of Procrastination Nation!!! And together we shall sally forth and conquer all diligence????? (hmmm, what is the opposite of procrastination???????????????????????)

  10. You are funny! I wouldn't have known it was a night gown if you didn't write it. This is a very fun look!

  11. lol I love the pictures, and I was totally on time, and I think I was the only one out of the four of us (even our professor was late). anyway hope you had fun at game and talk to you late :)