Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interview time

Today I had an interview for a fun, fluffy job at Bath and Body works, will I get it? Very doubtful-turns out I have very little sales experience compared to most. However I wanted to be competitive so I dressed fairly tame, hid my tattoos, and tried to sell them on the idea that I liked their merchandise (I'm not a total fan, I prefer the cruelty free Body Shop). I'm on the market for a part time job while I attempt to get into grad school and work at the fostercare. I need some extra income to pay for my Anthropologie shopping addiction! 

I like to call this my crazy face. 
Button down: Express
Sweater: Limited 
Skirt: Old Navy (purchased this 45 lbs ago and slightly scared it still fits, what did it look like then?)
Tights: Croft and Barrow
Shoes: Mudd

After the interview I had a meeting with a professor to look over my letter of intent. It is simultaneously exciting and incredibly scary to be at this stage, I'm not entirely sure why! I do know that I feel slightly like I'm drifting right now. I have a double major in psychology  making me slightly unemployable until I continue my education. In terms of grad school I'm going in a completely different direction than I thought I would be. I've tailored my education to be a clinical psychologist, however with life experience has come a realization that I do not want to work with the mentally ill for the remainder of my life. I will go crazy myself. So Industrial Organizational Psychology it is. I do love statistics, so it should be a great fit, but in any case it will be a much better one that clinical! 

More pictures..

Earrings: Chico's (found while shopping with my Mom-only 4.99!)
Necklace: H & M


  1. Lookin' good! Love the necklace! Hope you get the job:)

    Industrial Organizational psychiatry sounds very interesting. I currently work in mental health and I am uncertain as to whether I want stick with in long-term or not. Like everything, it has its ups and downs.

  2. What do you do in mental health? It can be very mentally exhausting. I'm so grateful I've have the experience of living with people who have mental illness before I got my masters/ph.d. I know I'd succumb to burnout.

  3. I know some folks who are in I/O Psych, since I work in HR. There are some really interesting things to do with an I/O degree.

  4. I hope you get the job! But I will have to agree with you, I totally love Body Shop stuffs. I've rediscovered them lately (I used to use them in high school, then I stopped because my skin changed) and I can't resist all their yummy smells!

  5. Well I think at this stage for you, all interviews are good confidence builders - and who knows, you may think you don't have the sales experience, but they may love your other qualities, so good luck!

  6. Oh, hope you get the job! You sure looked professional :)

  7. Well you looked great! I truly wish you good luck. Honestly, I need to be looking for a 2nd job to help with my shoe addiction! lol

  8. I came to the same realization about clinical psych during my work experience. Now i'm just floating around, trying to see what's next :)

  9. Rebecca-I'm excited to get into it. I'm not positive what aspect I want to go into but I do love stats so hopefully working with that!

    Laura-I can never decide my favorite scent there because they are all so good!

    Lisa-Thanks! I know they called my references so hopefully that's a good sign! I would love to get the job. It's one of the few retail places that I know I wouldn't spend a fortune!


    Corie-Thank you, I know what you mean about the shoe addiction, and I have to say you have a great collection!

    Meri-I feel you about the experiences! I can't wait to hear about whats next!

  10. Yikes, I wish you good luck in your studies and continuing studies! I know how scary that time can be for sure -- well, graduating time, anyways. I have yet to go back to grad school at the moment. I love your earrings! They're so dainty!

  11. I work in research (conducting clincial trials to test medications for indications like bipolar d/o, depression, ADHD, migraines, insomnia, etc.). I kind of feel like burnout may be in my near future.