Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabulous Wednesday

 I put this outfit together for Lisa's feature over at Respect the shoes
I loved seeing everyone's outfit today, go check out what people feel fabulous in! 

 I'm wearing a favorite dress that was picked up at Macy's for a dream several years ago. It has a fifties feel to it, which I love as the fifties are one of my favorite style decades. I've worn it to several graduations, weddings, and the like. I'm also in one of my favorite places, a bookstore. I love books, probably too much. I'm sure the need to wear glasses came from my childhood candlelit reading habit. 
I got this sweater at Anthropologie back in 2004. It's showing it's age, the black is slowly fading, buttons constantly need to be sown on. Despite this I still love it. The buttons are a true selling point for me, my little black and gold flowers. Wearing this sweater brings back thoughts of my grandmother, who purchased this sweater for me. My grandmother was one of the most important people in my life (second only to my mother) anything I have from her is treasured, and always will be. 

These shoes are perhaps my oldest shoes, I'm not even sure where I got them. The heels are so worn the metal core shows through. I normally throw shoes away when they get to this point of extreme wear, however something about the white stitching and little bows makes me keep this particular pair of heels. In fact I'm thinking about getting them repaired, so they can be mine for years to come.


  1. beautiful dress! and i love the detailing on the sweater!

  2. I just saw your pretty outfit over at Respect the Shoes! I love it! You should see about getting your shoes repaired - they look really nice with your butterfly peeking through.

  3. That is a really pretty dress. I love wearing full skirts sometimes.

  4. what a great pattern on the! And aren't books a swell backdrop...

  5. Minnesota! You look so pretty in this outfit! I love the red tights :) And those shoes are pretty sweet too.

  6. Two birds-Thank you! I love those buttons as well.

    Kristin-Thank you! I think I will, it's on a list of things to do!

    Rebecca-Thank you! I love full skirts, almost all the time. I'm trying to branch out!

    Thatdamngreendress-Thanks! Books make the best backdrop!

    Sweet Laundry- Thank you! I love this outfit, and I've recently realized I have a strong love of red as well!

  7. I Love this look. I need to get some red tights!
    I really like your blog, I am now a follower.

  8. Very cute dress! Aaaand...I love books, too. :)

  9. I love that dress - it definitely has a 50s vibe to it and the pattern is great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. the skirt of that dress is gorgeous! and uhm, let's talk a bit about those flower buttons on that sweater. can you say, "adorable?" yes, i think you can. :)

  11. What a pretty outfit. The dress is so pretty and I love the colour combination:) Happy Tuesday, darling